Video Samples

33I drove all over Los Angeles and Orange counties to take pictures of ethnic neighborhood signs. Did the same for fireworks, but didn’t get as much as I wanted. Wasn’t sure what to do with it all but put it into something that didn’t resonate with people. My hairdresser suggested I delete a whole section of it, and she was right! I believe diversity makes us stronger! This video didn’t get a lot of play on YouTube but it got a lot of likes on Instagram.


All of the footage in this video, except the interview, was taken on iPads and iPhones in Rwanda. (Some clips could be stabilized in post, but others looked worse after stabilization, so some of it is shaky.) This video has had over 1,300 views on Facebook (as of August 2017) and is being used in public talks. These talks have brought in money and new volunteers, including two recent college graduates who are building a new website and online store for them that will feature art and other products that are made in Rwanda.


This video is used on L.A. GOAL’s front page on their website, and has been used in several public speaking events. It has brought in a lot of contributions and volunteers. The Board of Directors was pleased that it didn’t go in a negative direction!

This video has what a “weak” storyline but it exemplifies the values that L.A. GOAL stands for and shows what life is like inside the agency: love and family.


This memorial video for Maria is much longer than I would recommend. Maria was a beloved Member of L.A. GOAL and people wanted to see as many pictures of her as possible as they said goodbye.


This is a compilation of animated pictures of 25 years of L.A. GOAL’s art show invitation cards. I animated parts of the pictures to help the footage match the energy of the music. I also kept it to less than a minute so it could be shared on Instagram.


I created the following three videos for nonprofit agencies to help drive traffic to their fundraising events. People in the organizations said that they liked the videos but they did not distribute them to their social networks.

In retrospect, I learned that it would be helpful if I gave specific instructions for social sharing. Also, I did these videos for free, so perhaps that had something to do with the lack of distribution.

What a fun event! I didn’t plan  on making a video and didn’t bring a good tripod, so there’s some shaky footage. But it’s fun and of course unusual!


This video was used for a grant proposal to the Los Angeles County Arts Commission. It is choppy in places where we tried to include as much information that matched the grant wording as possible.  We got the grant. It was not distributed to the public.


This is a promotional video for the Venice Recovery Center’s annual  fundraising event. For this video, the janitor made a compelling interviewee.


I created this video for Felicity House to use to promote their next few Halloween events.

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