Petite Konstantin, MPA, Executive Director, L.A. GOAL:                      (A small portion of a letter of recommendation I received for my work as Development Director at L.A. GOAL, which included photos and videos.)

“Laura can tell a story though her photographs…she portrays people with dignity. She has the ability to present problems and solutions in a way that people can understand the issues (and the stakes) without getting overwhelmed with negativity.

Laura is a creative, strategic thinker who is trustworthy. She has had an immeasurable impact on L.A. GOAL and I give her my highest recommendation. ”

Susan Baerwald, Board Member, L.A. GOAL:

“…for the Board members, she was a trusted liaison. For the population of charitable givers, she was able to present L.A. GOAL in a positive and upbeat manner. She has been a real asset to t he financial and social success of L.A. GOAL…her dedication to her work and making the world a better place are commendable.”

Betty Goldberg, former L.A. GOAL Board Member:

“I have known Laura O’ Neal for close to a decade and she has consistently been an extraordinary person with whom to work…

She is both a clear and engaging communicator, and a caring, generous and deeply sensitive person particularly to the needs of those around her.”

Linda Romano, Executive Director, Jessie’s Place Rwanda:                 (for the video I created for them)

“Thank you Laura O’Neal/Ello Productions for your talent, patience, and many hours of work you put into this wonderful and very meaningful video.

All of us at Jessie’s Place are eternally grateful! I highly recommend Laura’s service. She has tremendous heart, talent and skill.”

Lauren Costine, Ph.D. on a series of over 30 lecture style interview videos I shot and edited for her:

“I think we did some beautiful work together – I always
hear how professional and beautiful they are. “


Local Foundation Representatives remarks about my fundraising, included here to show my commitment to excellence:

B of A Foundation representative, when they were doing their due diligence before giving L.A. GOAL a donor-advised grant: ” You should be commended for your transparency and clarity on your GuideStar page. It has everything I need.” We were awarded to large grants from this fund.

A major Los Angeles foundation that did not give permission to be named: the grant I wrote and packaged “…was one of the best grant packages ever received. The fundraising department should be commended for the entire grant. The wording was not flowery but concise and comprehensive.” We got the funds.




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