Video Production

Production Services

The starting prices and general description of services offered are below. I’ve found that creating a great video isn’t cost effective for you if it doesn’t get distributed and shared on social media, so I can post your videos for you to your social media accounts if needed.

In general, short videos (30 seconds) are more likely to be watched than longer ones. 85% of videos posted to social media will be watched without sound, except for YouTube, Vimeo, and other video sites. Vertical videos are 40% more likely to be watched with the sound on.

Videos with either open or closed captions get longer watch times. YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook all use closed captions. You can auto-generate closed captions on YouTube and Facebook, but they are not always accurate. Instagram uses open captions and you have to create them on your own.

To get your money’s worth, it helps to shoot variations of products, b-roll, interviews, and testimonials so the same message can be posted in formats that are the most appropriate for your social media accounts. It’s a lot more cost effective to shoot for several edits!

All of the services listed below include:
  • Giving you a draft “Scope of Work” that details my suggestions for making the most out of your video. This includes how to get a variety of footage to use on your website and social media accounts.
  • Working with you to make sure the story direction is what you will be proud of.
  • Submitting a contract and Scope of Work to you for approval.
  • Delivering the material to you in formats you can use.
Business and Nonprofit Stories
from concept to delivery/distribution, starting at $1,000

Stories take longer to plan but they will have the greatest impact on your viewers. The industry buzzphrase is “move the heart to move the mind.” These videos are the most likely to be shared in social media, and the most likely to bring in customers, donations, and volunteers.

Crafting, shooting, and editing a story include:
  • Speaking with you to learn your story.
  • Researching what you already have online, including what types of videos would have the most impact using your website and preferred social media networks.
  • Interviewing you and others to find who will be the most likely to resonate with your target audience.
  • Crafting the story.
  • Shooting interviews and b-roll. B-roll footage is used to help tell the story and to minimize the “talking head” look of videos. Location scouting, if needed.
  • Editing the video, adding b-roll, photos, and logos.
  • Simple logo and text animation if wanted.
Product Demos and Client Testimonials
from concept to delivery/distribution, starting at $300

These can be as short as 15 seconds, and can generally be shot in a few hours if you are prepared and if the environment is fairly well lit. Please note that fluorescent lights flicker and are not flattering so I turn them off and use professional lights.

Product demos include:
  • Shooting video clips or pictures of your product that are most likely to have an impact on your website and preferred social media networks.
  • Shooting interviews and/or adding animated text to your product
  • Editing the video for different social media accounts.
Client testimonials include:
  • Interviewing you and others to find who will be the most likely to resonate with your target audience (if applicable).
  • Shooting one or more clients giving testimonials about your company or nonprofit.
  • Editing the video for different social media accounts.
12 vlog posts shot in one day, starting at $1,000

To get the maximum return on your investment, I can help you plan your topics, b-roll (pictures, text, including animated text, and illustrations to help you make your point and to break up the “talking head” look), and distribution.

  • Shooting video “vlog” post style of interviews for your website and/or social media accounts.
  • B-roll (adding in pictures, text – including animated text, and illustrations to help you make your point).
  • Taking pictures, if needed, of products and facilities, etc.
Facebook Cover Videos for Business Pages
20 – 90 second videos starting at $300

Facebook allows business pages to show video headers rather than pictures. There is a 20 – 90 second time limit and the dimensions are narrow (812 x 320 pixels).  Great for events, products, and client testimonials. Please note that Facebook will not promote uploaded videos for free, but they will promote Facebook Live videos.

Facebook Cover Videos include everything that is included in a business or nonprofit story video.
Animation For Logos and Text
simple text animation and light leaks for logos starting at $75

“Light Leak” animation on logos means shining a beam of light on a logo, usually in a pattern. Letters in your logo or “tag line” can move across the screen or “pop up” on the screen one at a time for a stronger visual effect. You can use these at the end of all of the videos you produce in the future. Please note that this procedure works better on high quality (print quality) images.

Animation and/or light leaks include:
  • Determining and creating the best light leaks.
  • Determining and creating the best text animations.
Memorial/Family Legacy Videos
three-minute video starting at $1,500

I can repair a lot of damaged pictures. I can usually remove red eyes, correct the colors, and improve the overall composition, depending on the picture. This is something we would discuss in advance to make sure the pictures are done to your specifications.

Memorial and Family Legacy videos include:
  • Scanning in your pictures and articles on a professional scanner.
  • Interviewing family and friends on a one-day shoot.
  • Editing pictures and the video.


as needed for – or in addition to the above videos

Professional head shots, portraits, location shots, photo editing and reconstruction. Call or email for quote.

Ad Journals, Photo, and Art Books
as needed – or in addition to the above videos

I have extensive experience creating both print and electronic versions of these. Please call or email for quote, as these vary so much. They usually take at least a week to complete. For nonprofits, please keep in mind that donors often do not submit print-quality pictures within the requested time frame so there may be some rush work involved.

Ad journals (used in events) can be very profitable for nonprofits. If you represent a creative agency, you might want to consider some type of “art catalog” instead of the standard ad journals, as ad journals are typically thrown away at the event. An art catalog that is attractive enough to be used as a coffee table book has lasting value and in my experience, brings in a lot more money.

I also did extensive editing work on a book called “That Thing on my Mom’s Brain.” It was a self-published at Amazon, sold as a soft-cover book and as a Kindle book. It has raised over $7,000 for brain tumor research so far. I edited a lot of the images using Photoshop and used InDesign to format the book for publishing.


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