Working Together

Working Together

First, we’ll talk about the types of videos you need and where you would like them to air to make sure you get the best return on your advertising investment. Several short videos, posted in different places online, such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, can be more effective than one long video. A series of short videos can also be less expensive to produce.

Second, I will help you uncover your most compelling story. This is accomplished by interviewing you and a few people in your organization to see who would be the best person to tell the story of your company or agency.

Usually the founder or business owner is the best person to tell the story because they have all the elements needed to create a story.  Occasionally your employees, customers, or clients have all the elements of a great character. The main character needs to be able carry your brand message in a clear and insightful manner while being emotionally engaging for your audience. The main character:

a) needs to have a goal and a strong desire to reach that goal

b) is able to identify and describe obstacles to reaching their desire

c) is able to describe how their desire was finally met

Unleashing the power of story is the best and most cost effective way for your message to reach people, so I will work with you to  help you find and tell your story in a powerful way. Advertisers around the world are using emotion as a gateway to the mind, as most of our decisions are based on emotion rather than logic.

It has become generally accepted knowledge that story has the power to move people’s hearts and minds, even if they are aware that the story is fiction.

What if I’m not a great fit for you, or if I am aware of a good but less expensive option?

I’ll tell you about it! Here are two examples:

I was going to do a photo shoot for a fire dancer. I am just learning how to shoot fire so I have her a steeply discounted offer. But I also told her about two local photo meetup groups where she could find skilled photographers who would take great pictures of her for free. Not only does she have a lot of high quality pictures, for free, but she also has pictures of her performing with others in a variety of compelling backgrounds. And a slew of new friends.

Another woman leads a grassroots nonprofit agency that provides scholarships to teenagers with a disability. She does not get a salary – all the money goes for scholarships to help these kids go to school. I will do a short video for her but I will also teach her how to use Facebook Live to help her drive traffic and donations to her cause, which she can do for free. Facebook promotes Facebook Live business videos for free, but they won’t promote uploaded videos for free – you have to pay for distribution on those.

Helping you tell your story through video