FAQs – Process, Products, & Services

How long will it take to create a video, start to finish?

While the time involved depends on the type of video that you want, here are some basic guidelines:

Business and nonprofit stories:

Shooting  interviews and b-roll at the facility for one day.  Editing the video will take at least two days.

How often will I actually get a video at the starting price listed?

Explanations are under every category. They are not “teaser” starting prices; they are what you could normally expect to spend without a lot of extras. The industry standard is for clients to have the opportunity to make one major edit and one minor edit included in the price. Additional edits incur additional fees because edits can go on forever, particularly if clients do not plan well in advance. I will be more lax about this, but I’ve had the experience where clients have given me footage to use, I’ve edited it to their approval, and later they came back and said I couldn’t use some of the footage they gave me, which meant a complete reworking of the video. They approved it but came back again, saying that there was even more footage that couldn’t be used, so it was another major edit.

What does the process look like?

First, we’ll discuss what you would like and what you need. There are  ways to save you money, for example, by shooting enough footage (interviews and b-roll) to create content that can be used on a variety of platforms. You don’t want to post the exact same video on your website, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, etc., but the videos should be similar enough to present the same message to all of your audiences at the same time.

Do I have to do an interview?

No, but it sure helps! Perhaps you would  be more comfortable if b-roll covered most of the interview and we just showed a few short clips of your interview. This strategy usually makes videos more interesting to watch because it eliminates the “talking head” look. Sometimes, such as client testimonials, clients are the best people to tell the story of your business or nonprofit.

What do I have to do to prepare for an interview?

Most, but not all, of the best orators practice their speeches in front of others before they take the stage. I’d suggest practicing in front of someone if you can. What I did was practice out loud while I walked. I hated the thought of putting any of my creations out in public and it made me physically ill. So I tried singing while I was out walking – I have some relatively secluded places to walk, even though I live in Los Angeles. How embarrassing it is to have people come up from behind while I’m singing!

What to wear: bright, solid colors that are flattering for your skin type.

What not to wear: black, white, stripes, loud patterns.

What if I don’t like how I appear and/or sound on camera?

I get it, I don’t like how I appear either. I feel like a ridiculous bobble-head. But that’s not what people are thinking when they listen to you – they’re looking for answers to their problems. They don’t expect you to be perfect and they’re happy if you can teach them something they need to know.

What if I forget to say something important during my interview?

We can record it and add it in!

Do I have to memorize a script or read off a teleprompter?

It is best if you speak naturally – you’ll come off as more authentic. I will ask you questions that will cover all the prompts we agreed on in advance.

How should I prepare for a memorial or family legacy video?

If you’ve already collected pictures, articles, and videos, great! If not,  you can collect them after we decide on the direction and tone you would like for the video.

I have a professional, high quality scanner for pictures and articles. I can take pictures of items and products. Costco will convert videos to a digital format, as will other companies. Because videotapes become fragile with age, I believe that using a service that specializes in video transfer is the safest way to preserve your family’s old movies.

How would I do a series of vlogs?

You may already have a series of topics in mind. In this case, we can decide how to get the most interesting b-foll for your series. If you do not have a series of 10 – 20 videos in mind, I can help you decide what the most beneficial topics would be.

I would plan for a five – six hour shoot and get them all done within that time.

Once I have the b-roll and interviews, I’ll start editing.

What is your privacy policy?

My experience as a professional fundraiser fora nonprofit agency has given me a deep respect for privacy. Your information will not be shared or sold with anyone. With your permission, I would like to be able to link to your videos for my portfolio.

What is the cancellation policy?

You can cancel at any time during the process but you will be charged for the work that is done, for example, video footage shot, pictures scanned, story creation.

What if I don’t like parts of the video?

We will agree on the most important parts of it before we start shooting, but you will have the opportunity to make two edits for free. Additional edits will cost $50 per hour.

Will I get any help promoting my video?

If you would like help promoting your video, such as paying for ads on Facebook and other social medial platforms, I can offer concrete suggestions.

Why is video critically important to storytelling and outreach?

“Digital video advertising will grow faster than any other segment over the next five years,” according to a study done by Dylan Mortenson for BI Intelligence, a project of Business Insider. People tend to remember videos better than pictures or other types of advertising, according to media experts.

Video is more efficient in storytelling because you can put a story that has a beginning, middle, and an end in a very short video.

How does a video (or multiple videos) help me in my outreach and marketing efforts?

Online videos are the digital version of word-of-mouth advertising. People may not read and share written posts, but if a video has entertainment value, it has a much better chance of being shared by your friends and customers.

What can a video do for me that I can’t accomplish in any other way?

Videos give people a personal connection to you that they can’t get through the written word. Writing is and will always be critically important! But nothing is more compelling than seeing and hearing you (or your clients speak), or being able to look at your eyes while you talk. That’s how humans relate to each other. Adding the power of story on top of that gives you an almost unparalleled opportunity to show  your authenticity and to foster trust.

Helping you tell your story through video