I fell in love with videography the first time I saw a homemade promotional video. That was 20 years ago. As much as I wanted to run out and buy a camera and start shooting, I listened to my more practical side and went to college instead.

At the time, I couldn’t believe I had any talent. I wish I’d followed my dream, but college and fundraising have enriched my inner life so much because I had to do work that required a little artistry and design: writing, newsletter design, photography, and videography.

I started fundraising after I wrote a grant as a volunteer for the Mountain Bike Unit in the Los Angeles area. When we got the money, I saw firsthand how fundraising could make the world a better place. I changed my career to non profit fundraising. I still had the video dream but was too busy working two jobs and going to school to think much about it.

After over 15 years in fundraising for a small agency, I wanted to use my experience to make a greater impact. I can help nonprofits and small businesses tell their stories more effectively because of my sales and fundraising experience.

As a fundraiser, I’ve had foundations say I should be “commended” for my grant proposals/grant packaging, transparency, and clarity. One major foundation said that my grant was one of the best they’d seen in years.

Today, I’m creating videos that have elements of the unexpected, the unusual, humor and storytelling.

I have been a professional fundraiser for over 15 years. For over 13 years I served as the Director of Development for L.A. GOAL, a nonprofit agency that offers programs for adults with developmental disabilities. When I started working there, (part-time in 2002), their net assets were reported as $314,000 in their IRS F990. When I stopped working there full-time in 2016, their net assets were $1,090,000.

I was responsible for all aspects of fundraising: annual giving, major gifts, corporate and foundation grants, planned giving, special events, graphic design, database management, photography, website maintenance, and bulk mailing. I launched a small, impromptu capital campaign to renovate our new building, expanded our corporate, foundation, and individual donor base, and launched a planned giving campaign that has received over $1 million in pledges.

I served on the Board of Directors of the Association of Fundraising Professionals, Greater Los Angeles Chapter (AFP-GLAC) from 2005 – 2010, and served as Co-Chair of the 25th Anniversary of National Philanthropy Day in Los Angeles (2010). I helped bring in (net) $40,000 over our projected net income of $20,000) and almost doubled the attendance from the previous year: from 400 to almost 800 attendees.

Other volunteer commitments include: providing information on this website, several videos for local nonprofit agencies pro bono, Culver City Amateur Radio Emergency Service (CC-ARES), Greater Los Angeles Amateur Radio Group (GLAARG) as a Volunteer Examiner for ham radio licenses.

Education: Graduated Cum Laude in English/Creative Writing at Cal State L.A. in 2009, (member of the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society), Magna Cum Laude from West Los Angeles College (AA degree). Received a Certification in Fund Raising from UCLA Extension in 2001, took the week-long Grantsmanship course at The Grantsmanship Center in 2000, and from 1999 to present: numerous professional development courses/seminars at the AFP-GLAC, Nonprofit Communications and Media Network (formerly Print Interactive Radio and Television Educational Society), the Center for Nonprofit Management, and the Foundation Center.

My logo: The stance is called “akimbo,” with its origins coming from many countries, as it is a universal pose. In old Norse and old English it is derived from the words “kenebowe,” and “on kenbow.” The old Norse/old English history may not be true. The Bahamas and African countries can also claim ownership of the first drawings of the akimbo stance. I believe it is a universal stance used by mothers around the world.

Helping you tell your story through video