Photo Retouching

Make old pictures come to life by retouching them, adjusting the color, and cropping them to bring the viewer’s eye to the subject.

Pictures and videos are important visual reminders of life events. With memorials and funerals, pictures and videos at the service will be one of the most enduring memories that people will keep.

If you just want to have a few of your photos retouched for a photo montage or a slide show for a memorial service, there are some inexpensive options online. I haven’t used an online retoucher yet, but Gary Hughes, a photographer that has three classes on, says that he uses (Again, I haven’t used them or any other company.)

For a video, I’d recommend that one person or company works with all the elements that will be used (pictures, news articles, website shots, etc.), because the end result will have a more coordinated look and feel.

Here’s an example of an old damaged wedding photo of my parents that I retouched:

Obviously this is damaged beyond repair, but most of the damaged area can be deleted without harming the picture. In fact, the composition of this picture is so bad that it looks like the flower arrangements more important than my parents, who look small and unimportant in the background.

First, I cropped a lot of the damage out of the picture and positioned my parents so they are the most important thing in the picture. I used a combination of the clone tool in Photoshop and painted over the damage.

Thisis the first revision of the wedding picture.

My parents got divorced, so having the exact picture was not important to either of them.

It is still too dark and too saturated, so I desaturated it and took out the borders. I painted the light background behind my parents using a light opacity color that was already in the picture so it would match. I also painted a light opacity shade directly over my parents’ heads, as the reflections were too distracting, and I softened the lines in the windowpanes that looked like they were coming out of my parents’ heads.

This is what I ended up using, because it matched the best with the other pictures that came before and after it in the video:

final version of a photo of my mother and father's wedding


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