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When I searched the trademark database for the availability of Ello Productions, I searched incorrectly, and Ello appeared to be free for me to use. Unbeknownst to me at the time, several large companies were in a legal battle over the name (according to a legal advisor).

Hence the name and URL change. All the names I wanted to use were already taken or trademarked, except one. That one made my friends crack up because they couldn’t figure out the right way to pronounce it: Kiwaidae, (“kee-why-dee,” if you’re interested, although I prefer the mispronunciation “kee-why-duh” because it sounds better).

Kiwaidae is the scientific name for “yeti crabs,” which are dancing hairy crabs that live in the bottom of the sea near hydrothermal vents. I love the thought of dancing crabs but I also love the name because it reminds me of a series of spiritual dreams that I had.

My friends convinced me to mashup my name to make it easy for potential clients to understand.

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